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Jakarta landlords play by their own rules

The first time someone asked me for two years’ rent upfront in advance my jaw dropped. I just don’t keep 55 grand lying around. In my financial accounting class perhaps the most important principal was: Money now is worth more … Continue reading

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Shine on for the appreciation of fellow bloggers

We were truly flattered to receive a nomination for the Shine On “award” from Every Day Adventure in Asia, a wonderful blog.  The nomination tells us that someone (other than our parents) is reading this blog and getting something out … Continue reading

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This cat is not meant to be a pet

At the Bird Market in Jakarta, you can find (and buy) hundreds of domestic cats. This cat is not one of them. The man who was selling it called it a “forest cat,” but we believe it’s an Asiatic Golden … Continue reading

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As birdsongs fill Jakarta’s streets, Indonesia’s forests fall silent

A noisy chorus of birdsongs enlivens Jakarta’s dirty, crowded streets. In this city, birdcages hang from telephone wires, tree limbs, and awnings. I see dozens of caged birds a day in Jakarta: canaries, thrushes, doves and lesser-known wild songbirds of … Continue reading

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A tale of two Jakartas

We have moved into our new house recently. We were lucky to find a gated community with good security and quiet streets that we could afford, but as Bruno and I peeked over the concrete wall that surrounds our neighborhood, … Continue reading

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Jakartans mark end of Ramadan with family and forgiveness

Lebaran (aka Idul Fitri), the end of the Muslim Month of fasting called Ramadan, is finally here. Last night, Jakarta was full of sounds, with Koran readings blaring from the megaphones of mosques, small firecrackers popping in the street and … Continue reading

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Doughnuts for Ramadan

                  Since Lebaran is pretty much the only thing going on in Indonesia for the next week, we will continue to share small tidbits about what it is like here. I think … Continue reading

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More Lebaran Cheer

In the interest of sharing a little more on the last post, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Lebaran” (see below), I thought I would share these photos of the Lebaran excitement. We took these one evening in a … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Lebaran

Much like Christmas in the U.S., Lebaran in Indonesia has been co-opted somewhat by commercial interests. Just as Christians do, Muslims get swept up in the shopping and the pressure to spend money for their biggest holiday of the year. Continue reading

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Fed up with thuggery in the name of Islam, Indonesians push back

This year, during Ramadan — for perhaps the first time — Indonesians are standing up to a group known to terrorize the country during the holy month. Continue reading

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