This cat is not meant to be a pet

At the Bird Market in Jakarta, you can find (and buy) hundreds of domestic cats. This cat is not one of them. The man who was selling it called it a “forest cat,” but we believe it’s an Asiatic Golden Cat, a species of small wild cats found in Sumatra. Though this species is not classified as threatened, its natural habitats are rapidly disappearing due to deforestation. The wild animal trade only exacerbates the problem.

This little guy is pictured with our friend, Jessica, a naturalist who thinks the cat is only a few weeks old. The cat — a nervous bundle of soft fur and sharp claws — was being held in a tiny cage at the noisy, polluted roadside market. You can read more about the market here: As birdsongs fill Jakarta’s streets, Indonesia’s forests fall silent

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3 Responses to This cat is not meant to be a pet

  1. Meg Windecker says:

    Oh Katherine, I love these posts.
    I am glad that you include photos. I can only imagine the hapless expat who purchases the “cute kitty” and finds him/herself WAY over his oe her head in a few months time. Then what?
    You mentioned a few months ago discussing further about domestic help. Please do. I am curious.
    More, more, more!!! I love every word!!

  2. Katherine says:

    Correction: We now think this is a Leopard Cat, which are not endangered though their habitats are also threatened. They are hunted for their fur in China.

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