Doughnuts for Ramadan

ramadan Hiliday Donuts










Since Lebaran is pretty much the only thing going on in Indonesia for the next week, we will continue to share small tidbits about what it is like here. I think our comparison to the popular culture around Christmas continues to hold true in some rather humorous ways, such as Krispy Kreme’s marketing strategies (yes, Indonesia has Krispy Kreme).

We saw this poster yesterday for Ramadan doughnuts. Since it seemed so similar to the kind of ad one might see leading up to Christmas in the U.S., I decided to look online for a Krispy Kreme ad to compare it to. Then I realized in the U.S., advertisements rarely call the holidays that fall around the 25th of December “Christmas,” because even though everything is red and green and Santa-themed, Krispy Kreme knows it is politically correct to be inclusive of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, which usually fall relatively close to the same date. Here is your side-by-side comparison of a Ramadan and “holiday-themed” doughnut selection from Krispy Kreme.

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