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Anti-coup flashmobs outwit thousands of armed guards, shut down Bangkok’s shopping district

What would it be like if Thailand’s military coup were happening in New York City instead of Bangkok? If you know Manhattan, imagine opening the Sunday paper to read that as of 9, am all subway stops between Houston and 42nd … Continue reading

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Mixed messages from Thai coup and a growing divide in the streets

The leaders of the military coup under way in Thailand shortened a nationwide curfew, doled out payments to rice farms, and cracked down more strictly on freedom of speech today. The leadership seems to be trying to soften their image while … Continue reading

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Religious fest stretches curfew in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, locals butted up against the military-imposed curfew, partying until after 10pm as part of an annual city festival. The Inthakin festival is held in mid-May, to ask the spiritual guardian of the city to bring monsoon … Continue reading

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A taste of real democracy in Indonesia’s presidential elections

For the first time, democracy in Indonesia might not be something of a sham. We are living in Indonesia in a fascinating time, as 2014 is an election year (both parliamentary and Presidential). That might sound reasonably interesting anywhere, but … Continue reading

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Glitz, wilderness and dirty hands: Indonesia’s top three contradictions is hosting a competition, and this is our entry. If you like our blog please support us, by posting a comment.  Indonesia is a unique country of contradictions and contrasts — a place with extremes and seemingly no middle … Continue reading

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