An Ecuadorian Hero Lost at 140 years

George in February

photo cred: Katie Schleit

Good Bye Lonesome George.

I got to meet Lonesome George briefly in The Galapagos in February.  He was very handsome, for a giant tortoise, and he was the last of his kind.  Every island in the Galapagos has a different, unique, subspecies of tortoise-differences that contributed to Darwin’s theory of evolution- but George was the only one to have survived poaching and hunting on the island of Pinta.   Researches never succeeded at getting him to mate with female tortoises from other islands.  So with his death a subspecies was lost.   Perhaps the loss will call attention to  the fragility of precious eco-systems like the Galapagos.

About Katherine

Katherine lived on four different continents before settling in to Washington, D.C., to raise her family. She works at a global think tank during the day and raises twin boys the rest of the time. When she isn't working on a spreadsheet for work, she loves walking in the forest with her family, which invariably involves stomping in puddles and climbing on logs. Though she is less of a world traveler these days, she continues to seek out adventures, from exploring D.C.'s museums and playgrounds to taking road trips to national parks. When it's time to unwind, she can be found snuggling with her husband on the couch. Likes: adventures, sleeping past 7 a.m., being surrounded by forests, the sound of her boys laughing, and locally made ice cream. Dislikes: whining, the patriarchy, and people who judge parents/kids.
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