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America is not a “banana republic”: A response to

In a recent article, “Look at the stats: America resembles a poor country,” writer CJ Werlemen likens America to a Third World nation. Having spent the last three-plus years in developing countries, I feel this deserves comment. I don’t … Continue reading

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Jakarta landlords play by their own rules

The first time someone asked me for two years’ rent upfront in advance my jaw dropped. I just don’t keep 55 grand lying around. In my financial accounting class perhaps the most important principal was: Money now is worth more … Continue reading

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Fed up with thuggery in the name of Islam, Indonesians push back

This year, during Ramadan — for perhaps the first time — Indonesians are standing up to a group known to terrorize the country during the holy month. Continue reading

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Part 8: Mind your Manners

Social customs and manners are different in this country, naturally. It is at times exasperating to navigate them, and you have to remind yourself that Ecuadoreans DO have manners and etiquette – sometimes very formal and prescribed – but they’re … Continue reading

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Welcome to Quito, Part 7: Bureaucracy

I didn’t want to write too much about Ecuadorean civil-service bureaucracy because it’s somewhat painful to recount. It’s not as bad as in, say, Italy (based on what I’ve recently heard), but it can be Kafka-esque nevertheless. You want to … Continue reading

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Foreign Residency on the 4th of July

For Independence Day, I’m celebrating one year of Ecuadorian citizenship and residency, and Bruno is joining me.  I found it ironic last year that I ended up finalizing my Ecuadorian citizenship on the 4th of July, and received my national ID card and Ecuadorian … Continue reading

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