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Stark contrasts, historical ignorance on display in Indonesian presidential race

Watching the 2014 presidential campaign in Indonesia is sometimes like watching a bad movie’s overwrought metaphor for the tension between democracy and authoritarianism playing out in real life. The choices have narrowed since I last described the presidential candidates, and … Continue reading

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Southeast Asia’s forests: vital and vanishing

Forests are key for our food systems and our economy. Forests are a pantry for the world’s poor, and an incubator for biodiversity and unknown genetic material that could lead to vital scientific discoveries. Even those of us who think we live in urban environments may be more dependent on forests than we realize. Continue reading

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Tourists in Asia seek freedom, find pain on two wheels

PreviewThe scooter was difficult to control, the road a bit sandy, and before he knew it, the 30-something Irish tourist was on his way to a hospital with a dislocated ankle instead of enjoying his vacation on the sunny island … Continue reading

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There are no foreign lands

When we set out to build our life together abroad, we thought of ourselves embarking on an adventure in foreign lands; we’ve evolved. Over the past three years, we have spent most of our time outside of the U.S.; first … Continue reading

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Anti-coup flashmobs outwit thousands of armed guards, shut down Bangkok’s shopping district

What would it be like if Thailand’s military coup were happening in New York City instead of Bangkok? If you know Manhattan, imagine opening the Sunday paper to read that as of 9, am all subway stops between Houston and 42nd … Continue reading

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