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Karma for the Vegetarian

Vegetarianism has a few drawbacks, especially when living abroad. Finding decent food that doesn’t have meat can be difficult, and you run the risk of offending or inconveniencing others. In Ecuador, ham manages to make its way into almost all … Continue reading

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Making sense of Chaos (or chapter 2, page 1)

Upon arriving in Jakarta, all I could see was chaos. Hot, sticky, polluted air. Cars everywhere. No sidewalks. Just people along the sides of the road and cars parked right up against shop doors. It turns out that past those … Continue reading

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Singapore is kind of like a futuristic utopia where all cultures seem to merge, and high-rises and highways mingle with nature. But the cultural melting pot’s common denominator is consumerism, and is underpinned by a tightly regulated civil life, and … Continue reading

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Dutchman in Amsterdam, Finally

Some of you may know of Bruno’s personal shame: Despite his Dutch origins, he had never been to the Netherlands (though he had passed through the airport more than once). Until today… During our 8-hour layover between Panama and Singapore, … Continue reading

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Come find paradise in Costa Rica. Bring your fortune.

Costa Rica has figured out good service, and paired it with well-preserved natural environments – forests full of wildlife and breathtaking beaches – and they seem to know what it’s worth. Just to explain: We are about to move to … Continue reading

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12 Signs You’ve Been Living Abroad

1.     You try to kiss people on the cheek when you meet or greet them, causing an awkward moment. 2.     Everything seems to lack salt. 3.     Americans look fat to you, as though they are all just a little bit … Continue reading

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