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“Tungurahua ejects incandescent stones”, read the headline

To follow up on my volcano post, Tunguragua is having an eruption, slow and steady, but enough to douse over 10,000 hectare of farmers fields in several centimetres of ash. This is just one of the many articles that has … Continue reading

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Roads to nowhere

Roads play a vital role in the development of any country – without them, no goods can be transported, whether agricultural or industrial, whether to local markets or for export. A number of academics have demonstrated and quantified the importance of roads for reducing poverty. … Continue reading

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Celebrating a loss: how Guayaquileños can find reason to celebrate even when their soccer team loses a match!

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend with some family friends at their beach house. To get anywhere on the coast from Quito easily, you fly to one of a few coastal cities (in this case my favorite … Continue reading

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